The electrostatic filters ELEKTRA series are equipped with strong industrial electrostatic cells and fans which provide power with silence. They are suitable for use on all types of machine tools using whole oil and generating NOT HEAVY SMOKES. The range is composed by four different models having a throughput from 400 and 1600 m3/h. All filters are equipped with a power circuit which is protected from short circuits and any discharges between electrodes. Every filter is provided with ON/OFF switch, power light, high tension light, obstruction cell warning light and security micro-switch. The product is specifically addressed to any application where light quantity of smokes are produced. For heavy smokes applications please contact our Technical office in order to evaluate high performance electrostatic solutions.

Katalógus letöltés


EL 400EL800EL1200EL1600
Légszállítás (m3/h) 40080012001600
Teljesítmény (kW)0,20,550,751,1
Betáplálás (V/Hz/ph)220/50/1400/50/3400/50/3400/50/3
Zajszint (dB)68707476
Súly (kg)20 406585
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